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Homecomings Financial was founded in 1995, when GMAC-RFC got hold of the resources of Mortgage Service America and managed the new enterprise under the name HomecomingsFinancial Network. In 1999, GMAC-RFC acquired the mortgage servicing business of Dallas-based Capstead Mortgage Corp. The entity was integrated into the Home Comings Financial Network.

In 2006, GMAC ResCap kicked off the procedure of incorporating all of its servicing operations into one, or a debt assistance utility, as it is described in the industry. Putting together the setup of GMAC Mortgage and HomeComingsFinancial will lower costs, intensify competence and improve the overall experience of clients attended by either GMAC Mortgage or HomecomingsFinancial.com.

For more information about Homecomings Financial, please visit their website at www.homecomings.com

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