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Who are we? CountrywideMorgage is a diversified credit services firm centered principally on property finance and correlated activities. Since CountrywideMortage launch in 1969, our job has been to assist people and households accomplish and uphold the dream of home ownership. We’re proud that with CountrywideHomeLoans, 4 out of 5 are approved. We say it, believe it and get started to sustain it everyday. Today, this keystone belief carries on to channel and to steer all of our company evaluations.

CountrywideMortages is America’s #1 residence mortgage financier (As ranked for 2006 by Inside Mortgage Finance—February 2, 2007, Copyright 2007). As a matter of face, CountrywideMorgages is a leader in almost every field of real estate credit. CountrywideMortgage provide our clients a degree of skill, product range and service that’s unparalleled in the business. No one can do what Countrywide Mortgage can.

For more information about Countrywide Mortgages please visit the Countrywide Website at www.countrywide.com

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